Star Trek: The Manga Volume 2: Kakan ni Shinkou

Star trek the manga volume 2
Like that television classic, these new journeys venture into the
terrain of social politics, personal reflection…and bare-knuckled
brawls between the dashing Captain Kirk and the galaxy’s most cunning
alien species. Vulcan science officer Spock's unflappable logic, Doctor
“Bones” McCoy’s flare for drama, chief engineer Scott's perpetual
struggle to keep the warp engines online, and the never before told
origin story of one of the Star Trek universe’s most popular
adversaries, all come at you in a fresh, new style.

TrekMovie had some very nice things to say about my story in Star Trek: The Manga volume 2:

Wil Wheaton skipped the easy Wesley Crusher story (are there any other kind?) to pen a TOS tale for Tokyopop’s second Star Trek: The Manga collection that debuted last year, and it’s easily one of the best in the book. Drawn by E.J. Su, recently of IDW’s Transformers comics —official non-Trek plug accomplished!— Wheaton’s “Cura Te Ipsum” (Latin for “heal thyself”) tackles a Kirk vs.
the Prime Directive tale with surprising skill, and establishes his
cred as a comics creator well beyond his celebrated cult of geek.

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